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Privacy Update

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to make it easier to read and understand, and to reflect some minor changes in how we use your information. Read the updated Privacy Policy.

BCN Privacy Policy

The BCN is committed to protecting your privacy by creating a safe and secure space for you to enjoy all BCN services, including our programs, websites, and apps. This Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect and use information about you, including:

  • What types of information we collect
  • How it is collected and used
  • How we keep your information safe
  • When and why we might share that information outside of the BCN
  • Your choices about your information

The BCN collects and uses personal information so we can provide BCN content and services that inform, educate, and entertain and ensure they reflect the cultural diversity of the Australian community.

The BCN does not commercialise data. If we are required to disclose information, including your personal information, to help us provide services to you, we do not receive any sort of payment for doing this.

Children’s privacy is especially important – both protecting it and helping children, parents and guardians understand privacy risks.

Information we collect to make programs and produce other content is not covered by this Privacy Policy. The BCN Editorial Policies and the BCN Code of Practice explain how we approach privacy in relation to journalism.