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Tradies Speak Out on Job Site Surveillance

Tradies Speak Out on Job Site Surveillance
Tradies Speak Out on Job Site Surveillance

Oi, have you seen this? A clip’s gone viral, showing a tradie in Melbourne getting the full eagle-eye from a client—right over his shoulder! This bloke’s just standing there, hands in his pockets, not a word as he watches the young tradie sweat it out. It’s shared on a big tradie social page; it’s got everyone yapping.

Some reckon it’s good for the client and keeps the trades honest, right? As one tradie said, having the client around can be handy and turns them into a bit of an unpaid helper. But not everyone’s chuffed about being watched. A bunch of tradies are up in arms, saying it’s their top pet peeve. Feels a bit like being under a microscope, doesn’t it?

There’s a real split in the ranks. While some love the chance to show off their skills and reckon, if you’re confident, why not? Others say it adds pressure, makes them jittery, and could even crank up the price—because, let’s face it, nobody likes an audience when they’re trying to concentrate.

And get this, there’s even some science behind the discomfort. Ever heard of the Hawthorne Effect? It’s this old idea from the 1920s that people change their behaviour when they know they’re being watched. Makes you wonder if the client’s being helpful or just making the tradies nervous.

So next time you think about hovering over your tradie, maybe take a step back and let them do their thing. Or who knows? Maybe join in and hand them a tool—it could be your ticket to a quick masterclass in DIY!

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