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Carpenter Helps Build His Own Home Amid Australia’s Housing Crisis

Carpenter Helps Build His Own Home Amid Australia's Housing Crisis
Carpenter Helps Build His Own Home Amid Australia's Housing Crisis

G’day folks! Here’s a story about second-time homeowners Jack Scanlon and Natasha Murphy, who just got the keys to their new dream home in Gisborne. Despite the insane difficulty of buying property in Australia, Jack and Natasha persevered. After buying land in 2023, they upsized from their first Metricon home, a Sullivan 17A in Lancefield, to an Avanti 27 from the Freedom range.

By age 20, Jack had saved a deposit for their first home. Just three years later, they’ve successfully upsized. “We made a really good return after building and selling our first home with Metricon, so there was never any doubt we wanted to build with them a second time, this time a larger home with more space, bedrooms, and a bigger outdoor area,” said Jack.

The process of building the first home was daunting, but the fantastic support from their home advisor made it smooth. Jack, a self-employed tradie, took a hands-on role in the new build. “Working on the frame in May and getting the keys in early October was impressive,” he shared.

Metricon’s regional north manager, Tania Tonks, praised the couple’s dedication and hard work. “They are a highly motivated and inspiring young couple who are the perfect example of what hard work can achieve,” she said.

The Bigger Picture: Australia’s Housing Struggles

But Jack and Natasha’s success story is a stark contrast to the broader struggles faced by many Aussies. The housing market is brutally tough, with skyrocketing prices and limited availability, making it nearly impossible for young families to buy homes. Instead of addressing these issues, the government is opting for quick fixes by importing mass migrants to prop up GDP, often at the expense of local citizens.

Both the Labor and Liberal parties seem to be in their bubble in Canberra, out of touch with the real challenges Australians face. Policies that fail to address the root causes of housing affordability and over-reliance on immigration to boost the economy do little to help the average Aussie battler.

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